After recently completing the implementation of its new passenger reservation system, JetBlue Airways is now implementing IBS’ iCargo solution – the world’s leading cargo solution developed using the latest next-generation technology.

iCargo is an integrated solution that optimises operations, enhances profitability and provides scalability to the freight business of airlines. The JetBlue/IBS partnership which was inked in early 2010 was recently announced in Washington, DC, at the Air Forwarders Association Board of Directors meeting.

“It’s been a remarkable year at JetBlue Airways,” said Ed McDonald, system manager cargo. “Not only have we implemented a completely new passenger reservation system, we are now in the process of replacing our cargo systems as well.”

After a thorough review of all the cargo solutions on the market which JetBlue believed could handle its growing business, JetBlue chose to partner with IBS. “There was just no other solution that could compare with IBS’ iCargo solution,” explained McDonald, the JetBlue Cargo head responsible for the decision to choose iCargo. “Designed for multiple users, the system is extremely user friendly, especially for a system that handles such a complex business as moving cargo, and the new U.S. Mail Module which is fully integrated into iCargo does exactly what JetBlue need for it to do,” McDonald said.

It has been a remarkable few years at IBS as well. In February at the Air Cargo India 2010 event in Mumbai, IBS was named the ‘IT Systems Provider of the Year’ for the Air Cargo Industry. This prestigious international award for excellence was given to IBS for its cargo management solution, iCargo. IBS now has more than 20 customers for its iCargo solution, of which 14 are already using it in production.

Due to the unique way in which the core of iCargo was designed and developed, it is ready for large and small carriers alike, as well as all cargo or combination carriers. “Despite the challenging global economy, IBS captured the attention of the airline cargo community with iCargo, and in a very short period we have become the market leader in the next generation cargo systems’ space,” said Akshay Shrivastava, SVP and Global Head of Cargo Line of Business.

“IBS has built and successfully delivered a number of next generation solutions for mission-critical business functions in the TTL industry, earning the trust of customers world over. We have been recognised for our success in providing the air cargo industry a viable alternative to legacy systems. And our outstanding track record of delivering value to our customers, as well as the professionalism and commitment of our people speaks for itself.”

“IBS is very proud to have JetBlue Airways as our newest customer in The Americas Region,” said Peter Krebs, chief operating officer of IBS Americas. “IBS and JetBlue have a strong partnership built on mutual trust and respect. McDonald and his JetBlue Cargo Team can rest assured that as their cargo business grows, IBS and iCargo will be here to support them.”

Speaking on behalf of the JetBlue Cargo Team, McDonald said, “When our Vice President of Airports asked me if I was sure iCargo would be able to support our growth for the next three to five years, I said with confidence that iCargo will support JetBlue’s growth for the next 10 years and beyond.”