IBS Group takes over Avient business from Honeywell; expects to expand its portfolio of offerings to the air transportation industry, and strengthen its global operations.

Trivandrum – October 23, 2003 – IBS Software Services, an IBS Group IT company, and a leading provider of software solutions to the global Travel, Transportation and Logistics (TTL) sector announced today that it has acquired Avient Technologies (Avient), a business unit within Honeywell International. This transaction, which involves a transfer of customers, products and employees, was completed on 26 September 2003. This acquisition will expand IBS’s portfolio of offerings to the air transportation industry, which currently includes iRes (New Generation Passenger Services System), iMacs (Mail Tracking System), and TopAir (Integrated Flight Operations System), as part of a suite of key products.

Headquartered in London, Avient Technologies was conceived by Honeywell as its Global Centre of Excellence for Flight Operations when launching a new strategic initiative to address airline delays and cancellations. Avient Technologies specialises in providing airline and airport operations systems and solutions, and includes world leading airlines and airports such as Air Canada, Emirates Airlines, and BAA (Heathrow and Gatwick Airports) amongst its customers.

Avient owns three major software applications for the aviation industry – CTS, MCS and IDAHO.

 CTS, an intricately designed Crew Tracking System that optimises crew utilisation and maximises crew productivity throughout the operating environment. It provides a range of features including real time alerting, crew data management, real-time simulations, and decision support functions for problem solving.

 MCS, a comprehensive Movement Control System that provides a suite of modules that facilitate fleet tracking, fleet management and disruption recovery, supported by decision support tools.

 IDAHO is an airports operational database that enables users to plan and monitor airport activities from the early planning stages until the day of operation, through a single integrated system.

Says Mr. V K Mathews, Chairman of the IBS Group, “Avient will become our global centre of excellence for Operations Systems. This acquisition creates a stronger European presence for the IBS Group, promoting the Group’s entire portfolio of software and services. IBS already has an operation based in Zurich, Switzerland, and this will allow the Group to rationalise its European operations.”

“I am delighted that IBS has decided to select Avient for its centre of excellence for Airline Operations systems and solutions”, Mr. Peter Cefai, Managing Director of Avient Solutions said. “Avient products are state-of-the-art and its customers are opinion leaders. The combination of our industry specialisation and access to the complete portfolio of IBS services which includes a CMM level 5 offshore software production capability, will enable Avient to become a world class supplier, providing its customers cost effective and high quality solutions”, Mr. Cefai further stated.

About Avient Solutions

Honeywell acquired ICL Airline Systems in June 2000. Using the knowledge, products and customers that came with ICL, Honeywell created a Global Centre of Excellence for Flight Operations – Avient Technologies, which operated as business unit of Honeywell. Avient Solutions, a UK based limited company within the IBS Group, has now taken over Avient business from Honeywell. In addition to the in-house expertise, Avient Solutions plans to leverage on strong partnerships to ensure a wider portfolio of products and services. More information about Avient Solutions can be found on the web at

About IBS Software Services

IBS Software Services is a world-class provider of software solutions fine-tuned to the needs of the global Travel, Transportation and Logistics business domains. IBS manages a network of business operations worldwide through group companies in Atlanta, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore and Trivandrum. IBS’ portfolio of services includes business consulting, technology consulting, application products, turnkey projects, offshore software development, application maintenance, and business process outsourcing. The global clientele of IBS includes major corporations like Emirates, Dubai Airport, Swiss, Qantas, SITA, EDS, Shell, GulfShare, and Qatar Airways.