Leading travel, transportation IT solutions provider IBS Software, and TRL, the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory and a world leader in independent research and consultancy for all aspects of surface transportation, have entered into an MoU to develop technology solutions that can redefine the future of road transportation.

The MoU also covers a number of technology-focused research and development activities, as well as training, on matters involving road transport management and safety. This is seen as significant in light of worldwide demand from governments to implement solutions that will make surface transportation more efficient, sustainable and safe.

IBS and TRL will collaborate in developing intelligent transport solutions and information management systems that will increase safety, efficiency and sustainability, through a tool-based consulting approach. Research on various aspects of road safety, will be one of the areas of collaboration between the two organisations. IBS and TRL will look to develop country-level accident data systems which can be implemented within a short time frame, initially focusing on Asia, Middle East and Europe. The joint working may also give rise to the development of new solutions for sustainable road transport including carbon footprint analysis and energy and carbon management.

TRL provides independent and impartial world class research, consultancy, certification and testing in all areas of transport. IBS, which focuses on travel, transportation and logistics industry sectors, has solutions that address surface transportation needs. IBS’ road safety management system (RSMS) is used by the South Indian states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, in World Bank funded projects. In terms of scope and size, the project is one of the largest of its kind to be implemented in India. The product is probably the only proven web-based solution in its category designed for enterprise and national level implementations.

According to VK Mathews, chairman and CEO, IBS, “IBS and TRL share a common desire to make road transportation safer, sustainable and efficient for people anywhere in the world. Our partnership presents an enormous range of potential benefits to new-generation road transport management initiatives across the world. Our joint efforts will benefit both organizations, but the real winner will be the public. Our technical expertise coupled with the experience and reach of world-recognized experts and thought leaders like TRL, will go a long way in ensuring that this collaboration will broaden technology’s role in making the world a safer place.”

Such partnerships, bringing together the best in research, technology development and innovation serve as the standard for collaborations in any industry.