IBS Software Services, a leading supplier of software services for the Travel, Transportation and Logistics industries, has developed iTrak™, an emergency management and personnel tracking solution that provides real-time tracking and surveillance of personnel and their activities at the workplace. The solution is especially suited for remote, hazardous, high security workplaces, such as offshore oil rigs and platforms, airport security zones and nuclear reactors, wherein emergency management procedures need to be implemented and personnel evacuated quickly during emergencies, incidents or accidents.

iTrak™ is the second of the products, since IBS embarked on a strategy for development of niche products for the Travel Transportation & Logistics sector. The first product, iPort™ – a sophisticated application for Port Management has been well received by the industry and has already found customers.

iTrak™ automates the entire process of tracking the movements of personnel, so that accurate and up-to-the minute information is readily available to facilitate immediate action, in case of an emergency. Key human resources information that may have taken hours, or even days to obtain is immediately available for faster decision-making. Real-time graphical representations of the operational areas make available, precise and accurate information based on which immediate action may be taken in situations of emergencies or disasters.

Comprehensive and flexible, iTrak™ is extremely easy to use, thanks to its web-enabled modules, user-friendly GUIs and easy navigation facilities. Built on the latest technologies, it is futuristic, scalable and allows maximum user customization. With iTrak™ reports can be easily generated, that would serve as references during emergencies. iTrak™ also allows the definition of workflows to approve rosters, schedules, personnel requests and so on. In short, work can be scheduled, allocated, monitored, tracked and managed real-time, until it is successfully completed, all the while, remaining prepared for any kind of exigency.

‘It is an important event for IBS and a strategic step towards consolidating our offerings in the transportation and logistics sectors’ says Mr. V K Mathews, CEO IBS Software Services. ‘Our experience and expertise in the transportation and logistics arena is our key strength behind building functionally and technologically superior software solutions to our customers worldwide’.

IBS Software Services (http://www.ibsplc.com) is a software development and support services company with global headquarters in India, and sales and business development offices in USA (Atlanta), Europe (Zurich), Middle East (Dubai) and Asia Pacific (Singapore). Operating out of Technopark, Trivandrum, IBS is the largest exporter of software from Kerala, and is a leading supplier of IT services to the travel, transportation and logistics industries worldwide.