Global Excellence for Airports: More Than Curves

With more than 100,000 modules installed worldwide at over 300 airports, including the world’s top 30 airports, TRANSNORM has over 40 years of experience in the field of conveyor equipment technology for baggage handling systems.

Apart from curved belt conveyors, TRANSNORM is placing its focus on other key modules specifically designed for baggage handling applications in its presentation at the forthcoming Airport Show in Dubai.

An example of this is the TRANSNORM VertiSwitch(R). This is deployed as a completely standardised, vertical distribution unit where, after screening, pieces of flight baggage requiring special inspection need to be ejected from the main baggage flow on the conveyor belt and then put back after the inspection has been completed.

Rugged construction, modular design and good dynamic performance of the swivel movements are the key features of this product. Based on the prevalent flight baggage dimensions (L=900mm), with a switching time of less than 1 second, distribution speeds of up to 2,000 pieces of baggage / hour can be achieved.

In the process, TRANSNORM relies on an improved drive and controller concept in which the outlet heights can be comfortably programmed via software. In direct comparison with the competition, the concept is particularly appealing and attractive through the fact that driving beyond the end positions does not cause any mechanical damage.

The basis for this, as well as all other advanced developments in the product range for airport applications, is the close cooperation with airports and baggage handling system integrators, which is supplemental to the impetus of technical innovation.

With the slogan "Global Excellence for Airports", TRANSNORM relies on its trusted partnership for projects at over 300 airports and is therefore in a position to continually improve its own products as well as enhance the success level of its customers.

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