Transnorm Announces Release of TS6600 VertiSwitch™ 1-0/0-1 modules.

Transnorm proudly announces the general release and certification of it’s TS6600 VertiSwitch™ 1-0/0-1 modules.

The TS6600 VertiSwitch 1-0/0-1 allows high rates of packages to be diverted between two or more elevations while consuming minimum amounts of energy, by use of an innovative mechanical energy store device.

Recently approved by BNP Associates for use in airport baggage handling systems, the TS6600 VertiSwitch 1-0/0-1 module is available as a plug-and-play type conveyor which is easily integrated into new or existing systems.

Designed to be run in merge or divert configurations, the flexibility, rate of sortation and compact design is industry leading.

As with any Transnorm product, the TS6600 VertiSwitch™ 1-0/0-1 is constructed from only high quality materials to provide reliable operation for many years.

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