In 2015 the Mirvac owned St Mary’s Village shopping mall had its 17,000m² roof protected with the SkyCool coating.

During application, the coated section on the left was compared to the yet to be completed section on the right of the walkway.

On a day when the ambient temperature was around 28°C, this photo was taken along with the thermal image. By referencing the thermal colour scale the nearly 40°C cooling effect of SkyCool is immediately obvious.

It is also interesting to note that, under the prevailing weather conditions, SkyCool actually cooled the roof exterior to below ambient air temperature.

Removing the solar superheating from its 17,000m² roof, SkyCool has provided a very significant savings to the centre’s air-conditioning power demands.

For more information on how this and other SkyCool-ed buildings are enjoying similar very significant savings, please contact SkyCool through the enquiry form.