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The New Aveta: The Latest In Self-Service Technology

The New Aveta

Parabit Systems is to reveal its latest self-service kiosk, the New Aveta, at the Airports Council International – North America (ACS-NA) 2014 annual conference and exhibition next month.

The New Aveta from Parabit is the latest in interactive wayfinding and digital signage technology. The New Aveta entertains customers while they interact, and is designed to increase advertising revenue streams for owners through displays and telephone directories. For use in airports, hospitals, casinos, campuses, or whereve customer service can be improved.

The New Aveta is unlike any other interactive dis- play kiosk. Made in the US, this customisable solution is a secure, reliable product from the in- dustry leader in security and self-service.

Eliminate the hassle of multiple devices such as signage, screens, brochures, phones, and device charging stations. The New Aveta offers a compact, one stop solution for consumers with the opportunity to increase advertising revenue for owners.

The New Aveta is an interactive application with internet access. Features include a motion sensor that activates a program when the Aveta knows there is a user present. This starts an interactive touch-screen application to engage users and show information and directions.

There are three mobile-device charging bays. The top of the Aveta features another display for advertising use, which can play video or presentations. There is also a Courtesy Parabit Telephone that when lifted from the receiver activates a directory, which the kiosk owner can program with Parabit’s in-house technical support.

Parabit’s Phone Checker Software lets kiosk owners remotely test, retrieve call counts, and program the Parabit Telephone. Owners can customize their directory based on brand and advertising revenue – making changes that are the best for their company.

For more information, please contact Parabit Systems.

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