28vDC Ground Power Units - Airport Technology
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28vDC Ground Power Units

The PS series of 28vDC Ground Power Units utilise the latest in power technology to provide aircraft with 28vDC power in a flexible and cost effective way. They can be used in workshops, aircraft maintenance hangars and aprons where low noise, ease of use and small sizes are demanded.

This series adds to our DD range, which are larger, more rugged and ideal where ISO1540 is required, such as in the oil sector. They been designed by people who use them day in day out. We've learned from that experience in the features included and the ways in which operators interact with the unit.

The unit come in three types: starter, continuous power and combination units (start + continuous). They small, light, and easily portable and as a result they can be operated by one person and located close to the aircraft. They can be carried or wheeled on a trolley, which is as part of the package, and can operate in temperatures from -20oc to +60oc. With the cover, the units are IP54, they can be used in all of environments.

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