The SD series of solid state 400Hz frequency converters are built in sizes 60kVA to 270kA. The all weather outdoor version of GSE products are designed for military airfields and civil airports for fixed (FGPS) installations or the horizontal version can be mounted under the passenger loading bridge or on the gantry frame. Mobile outdoor GPU versions are available in sizes from 60kVA to 180kVA.

The indoor versions of these rugged frequency converters are for use in maintenance hangars, avionics workshops, hard shelters and simulator applications. Power Systems International can supply a combination converter design with 400Hz and 28V DC output, constructed in a stainless-steel enclosure for use with helipads on board drilling ships and off-shore oil & gas platforms.

The SD series of aircraft ground power units are designed to continue the Power Systems International policy for supplying power at point of use for the aircraft in Hangars or at the outdoor parking position. The converters are supplied with a single output contactor up to 90kVA or with the optional two output contactors in the sizes from 120kVA and 180kVA making this product ideally suited to the needs of the A380 Aircraft.

Power Systems International also supplies flexible 400Hz and 28V DC cables, 400Hz and DC aircraft power connectors, reeling systems and service pits for stowing the cables that deliver point of use power to all types of aircraft and helicopters.

The point of use ground power system is very energy efficient, the converter is only switched on when needed and is more flexible than the earlier generation concepts of centralised 400Hz systems on older airports that operate large converters in parallel drawing continuous power from the mains in anticipation of an incoming aircraft docking to connect to the distribution circuit.

Taking into account the escalating cost of diesel fuel for engine driven 400Hz GPU’s, there are very significant cost advantages of using the SD series electric / electric converter solution a cost effective alternative to the diesel engine driven GPU.

There would be:

  • No diesel fuel cost bills
  • No refuelling time
  • No fuel spillage or leakage risk
  • No pollution smell of fuel
  • No ignition fire risk
  • No air pollution from engine exhaust fumes
  • No audible noise
  • No battery to be recharged
  • no battery failure risk
  • No engine cranking start time
  • No engine parts or repairs
  • No oil consumption
  • No wear and tear of moving parts
  • No vibration
  • Maintenance once a year
  • Simple on and off controls
  • The electric / electric converter can only be started when the aircraft power connector is inserted in the aircraft
  • Only consumes power when connected to the aircraft
  • High efficient use of electricity
  • No wasteful warm up time

Optional features

  • Other input voltages and frequencies
  • Military class rugged construction
  • Ingress protection available, IP32, IP42 and IP54
  • Dual output for connecting two cables and 2 aircraft connectors
  • Parallel, load-sharing configuration
  • Output contactor, control interface from the aircraft connector
  • Aircraft interlock bypass circuits
  • No break power transfer to aircraft power circuit
  • Line drop compensation
  • Remote voltage sensing and control for very long cable lengths
  • Mobile version on towable trolley or trailer
  • Horizontal style, for mounting under passenger loading bridge
  • Secondary output of 28V DC, 600A for battery charging and helicopter engine starting