Solid state, 400A and 600A mobile converter
power for aircraft and helicopter engine starting and battery charging.

The CP28 series of DC ground power systems are designed for aircraft engine starting and battery charging applications for outdoors ‘point of use’ installation at the aircraft parking stands, in maintenance hangars or in avionics workshops, aircraft manufacture and training simulators where an isolated DC power source is required.

This trolley mounted, or fixed power system is designed for connection to the normal 50Hz or 60Hz mains source and provides all types of helicopters and small aircraft with a 28V DC high stability and isolated power supply.

There is little audible noise and no exhaust fumes or environmental pollution as produced by diesel driven systems or when the aircraft is running its engines or APU. This mobile power unit is designed to deliver the aircraft engine peak starting current up to 2,500A and will keep the battery fully charged whilst the aircraft is on the ground thus reducing battery stress and preserving the life expectancy of the expensive on board aircraft batteries.

The standard CP28m mobile version 28.5V DC ground power unit is constructed in a welded sturdy section steel enclosure with ingress protection IP54 for outdoors use and for fixed indoor use the enclosure is available in IP31 or IP41.

Optional features:

  • 50Hz or 60Hz input frequency
  • 12 pulse rectifier
  • Non mobile solution for fixed installations
  • 15m of input and output cable with connector
  • Line drop compensation
  • Special paint colours and finish
  • Stainless-steel construction for oil rig installation
  • Cable coiling system
  • Aircraft connectors to meet user requirements