Motive Learning strives to use the latest technology and best practices for eLearning which is the catalyst for their new partnership with Melbourne, Florida-based Mindstamp to include interactive video in Motive Learning MicroCert™ courses for the aircraft services industry.

Interactive video increases learner engagement and maximizes the training impact of the on-boarding process by increasing the retention of training materials. Appealing to young and mature employees alike, interactive video is an effective training tool because it’s extremely user-friendly and entertaining.

With Mindstamp’s interactive video solution, Motive Learning creates dynamic video experiences by embedding interactivity within a video lesson to engage the learner. MicroCert™ courses are paused at key points to pose questions or instruct the learner to complete a task that reinforces company procedures and safety practices.

Interactive video is ideal to immerse the learner in the work environment providing the best possible learning experience, and works especially well for equipment, aircraft, and facility tours. MicroCert™ courseware includes buttons and hotspots for additional resources such as diagrams or links to additional information.

“Video is a great tool for breaking down complex information and ideas at a learner’s own pace. Add interactivity and you have learner engagement that can’t be matched. We are designing courses now that include interactivity powered by Mindstamp that will have your employee’s working safely in the airport environment before they walk out on the ramp,” says Karla Roberts, President of Motive Learning. “We are excited to be able to offer the latest interactive technology in our MicroCert™ courses, as well as our custom courseware.”