Motive Learning can help your organization develop new courses. We can assist you to modify and update your existing training materials to meet your current online training needs.

Requiring an employee to watch a training video may be sufficient to meet a legal requirement. Instructional design for truly effective web-based courses involves more than simply presenting information. Courseware that engages employees is much more likely to be remembered and to actually influence their behavior. This is our goal!

Motive Learning’s team applies instructional design methodology and adult learning theory.

We use storytelling, humor, and a deep understanding of your company culture to create engaging materials. Memorable, impactful materials help employees apply the information consistently in their work.

We develop custom courses that effectively change employee performance in each work setting.

Custom courseware development with Motive Learning:

• Reduces development time and speeds up deployment to team members in the field
• Improves curriculum design based on employee competency requirements
• Ensures that lesson content flows directly from the learning objectives
• Effectively integrates practice exercises and knowledge checks for learner self-evaluation
• Creates assessments that evaluate the employee’s retention of the acquired information