T2A is being built alongside the operational Terminals 1 and 3 in one of the world’s busiest airports. Firstco have accrued many years of experience at Heathrow and Gatwick and have gained an excellent knowledge of the airport environment, logistics and systems. Firstco are using all this experience in working alongside the master systems integrator (MSI) to deliver systems engineering design solutions.

The new Heathrow East Terminal is being built in the Central Terminal Area of Heathrow Airport with the intention of replacing the ageing Terminal 2 and Queens Building by 2014.
It will have a transparent façade which will allow passengers to have direct views to the airfield enhancing the passenger experience and the natural way-finding in the airport. Current plans for the building include reducing its carbon emissions by 40% compared to Terminals 1 and 2.

The Firstco project brief is to work with the MSI in order to deliver systems design and assist with quality assurance and design coordination.

The information control systems (ICS) team brief is to provide information and utilise innovative technology to improve efficiency of people and processes. It comprises four primary system groups:

  • Communications – the systems and infrastructure used to deliver data, voice and video around the terminal and campus
  • Security – CCTV, access control, X-ray search and other specialist systems required to ensure the safe operation of the airport in compliance with Department for Transport standards
  • Operational systems – these are the specific systems required for airport operation; numerous systems and databases are used across BAA, the airlines and control authorities – from check-in and bag drop right through to flight information displays and stand allocation
  • Control and monitoring systems – safety critical operational and environmental control systems which are necessary to for the safe and smooth of the airport

At present the MSI team are working with the BAA development teams to deliver the scheme design leading to production design for each of the 20+ individual systems that fall within the four primary groups.