Egis Avia signed a contract on 25 March for the construction of a temporary air terminal in Es Senia Airport in Oran, Algeria.

The Sonatrach/Activite Aval Group, the largest Algerian oil company, contracted Egis Avia for the design and build of a temporary terminal in Oran’s Es Senia Airport, with the German Röder as joint contractor.

On 25 March the vice-president of Activite Aval and the executive vice president of Egis Avia held a contract signature ceremony in the presence of Hadj Larbi, chief executive officer of the airport management company of West Algeria.

Planned as a large metal and textile tent, the terminal will host delegations at the Sixteenth International Conference on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG16), to be held in April 2010. It will be used as extension and special terminal for Es Senia Airport.

Designed in compliance with international standards, the terminal will be divided into two zones covering a total area of 5000m². The first area is dedicated to departures and includes an entrance hall, VIP lounge and reception, information area and registration desks. The second area is dedicated to arrivals and includes customs control, police and baggage claim zones.

Even if the primary objective of this project is to host the 3,000 people expected for the LNG16 event, the terminal will also accommodate the exceptional flows of passengers for future congresses and conventions.

Mr Rognone, executive vice president of Egis Avia, said: “This structure, to be delivered within nine months, will ensure comfort, hospitality and safety for visitors and will raise the quality of service of the airport to international levels.”

Through this project, Oran acquired dedicated and ideal facilities to organise regional or global events.