Egis offers multidisciplinary consultancy services to aviation administrations and authorities advising on policy, strategy and transformation of the aviation industry.

We also help them strengthen in assessing their capability to manage and perform safety oversight activities.

We also work with governments and agencies on institutional reorganisation, regulatory support, impact assessment, capacity building, airworthiness, sector policy and air transport strategy. We are used to working on complex projects that involve multiple states, organisations and stakeholders in many different regions.

Recent projects include:

  • Framework contract to support three key groups to policy development for Single European Sky (SES), European Commission
  • Support to the implementation of satellite navigation services, African ACP Countries
  • Technical training, Maldivian Civil Aviation Authority
  • Evolutions of EGNOS, Europe’s satellite-based augmentation system, in aviation, European Commission
  • Cybersecurity study on UK aviation data dependencies through our UK-based subsidiary Helios, UK Department for Transport