Ultra Electronics Airport Systems and Materna GmbH are pleased to announce a strengthened partnership for the provision of integrated passenger processing systems that will further assist airlines and airports in enhancing the passenger experience.

This represents a significant deepening and expansion of the relationship initially forged back in 2012. The deal gives Materna full access and the ability to develop, enhance and integrate with the leading common use passenger processing system CUPPS platform (UltraCUSE).

This will allow Ultra and Materna to further offer a complete range of leading Passenger and Self Facilitation systems such as CUPPS, CUSS (common use self-service), secure self boarding and self bag drop with payment capability.

The partnership will ensure that airlines and airports will have the choice of high quality systems that are leading within the industry, continually up to date and in line with IATA. Additionally, both Ultra and Materna will provide closer technical integration between these products so that enhanced support capabilities along with lower total cost of ownership can be achieved.

Ultra, the company responsible for some of the world’s largest baggage management and reflighting systems, will seek to enhance these offerings through the integration of Materna’s self bag drop and common use self bag drop systems. Materna, a leading provider for passenger processing solutions, will be able to offer attended and unattended passenger handling systems from one source.

With Ultra’s class leading common use solution which is not just CUPPS ready but fully CUPPS compliant, and Materna’s renowned integrated passenger service solutions there is now a one stop shop for any airport or airline’s passenger processing needs over the entire passenger journey.