Ultra Electronics Airport Systems (Ultra) celebrates first anniversary of successful operations at the new Mariscal Sucre International Airport (MSIA) in Quito, Ecuador.

MSIA is using a number of operational IT products and services from Ultra including UltraDB operational database, UltraFIDS flight information display system, UltraResource resource management system, and UltraCUSE common use passenger processing system. Ultra also provisioned common use self-service (CUSS) kiosks to the airport.

The Ultra operational IT solutions enable highly reliable customer services by providing airport and airline staff with accurate operational information to optimise passenger flow through the airport. MSIA has also enjoyed better effective systems integration leading to improved automation, use and flexibility of key airport resources.

With passenger volumes expected to increase year on year (already predicting over 5.5 million passengers during 2014), airport management company Quiport SA has already begun construction works for a Phase 2A expansion as part of its Master Plan. This will include an expansion of 5,260 square meters and two new passenger boarding bridges, allowing the terminal to handle 50% more passenger capacity during peak operations.

The extensiveness and scalability nature of Ultra’s suite of airport operational IT solutions means that the airport is very well placed to handle the expected passenger growth with increasing efficiency and Ultra looks forward to celebrating many more years of successful operations there.