Ultra Electronics has been awarded the contract to implement its UltraAPEX airport management solution to assist the information technology division at John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal One (JFK T1), US. The system will be used to deliver operational performance-enhancing business intelligence to terminal stakeholders, including 22 international airlines.

Through measurement and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs), UltraAPEX enables substantial performance improvement in many areas such as passenger flow, baggage management and aircraft turnaround times. This not only offers real-time situational awareness but also predictive and trending capabilities.

JFK T1 will be able to map out its operational processes and enrich them with its own specific business rules, which will help identify the operational areas in need of improvement, when analysed over time via the centralised event monitoring dashboard and reporting tool.

UltraAPEX enables multiple stakeholders the ability to efficiently and effectively run core airport operations and understand performance over a customisable timeframe. JFK T1 can also now enable collaborative decision-making processes with a flexible and extensible platform, which can grow and react as new business needs arise.

Ultra’s business intelligence platform delivers valued operational performance analysis to airports, by enabling them to address the key operational questions any airport needs to answer:

  • How consistently is my operation performing?
  • Can I proactively manage developing situations?
  • Do I have a clear understanding of the key issues affecting operations?
  • How can I identify the main trends affecting performance?
  • Does my entire operation work as an effective single unit?

"We carefully reviewed our options of what is on the market around operational performance business intelligence and quickly found that Ultra’s offering enables much more than that. Its ability to be tailored for our specific needs was a real differentiator that set it apart from the rest of the marketplace," said Edward Paquette, executive director of JFK Terminal One Management, Inc.

For more information, please contact Ultra Electronics.