Ultra has been a key player in aviation IT for over 40 years, and has always been keen on contributing to major industry events in order to exchange strategic views on market trends. The opportunity to get input from the community has always provided value to us and thereby enabled us to generate greater value for our customers.

Although this engagement is crucial in helping us shape our future offerings, we believe the current common format of the key industry trade shows no longer delivers the value we would like for our customer community.

The industry has and continues to change, with airport operational systems integration driving this significantly, yet we have observed that the discussion within these trade shows fails to generate key questions and help identify possible solutions. This at a time when we hear of more failed projects than ever before, meaning there is an essential dialogue required around how to successfully implement technology that delivers meaningful value in critical aspects of airport operations.

We therefore intend to increase our dialogue with customers and industry stakeholders, to listen to and understanding your business challenges and achieve this through a more focused, collaborative approach with less unfocused marketing.

Ultra consequently intends to:

  • Invite key customers to participate in Ultra funded workshops that gives insight into our experience delivering key market technologies and generates valued feedback
  • Increase time spent on an individual basis with customers in looking ahead at how we may meet your future needs in solving your airport operational challenges
  • Have our Senior Leadership team attend major events, such as Passenger Terminal Expo, without necessarily having an exhibition stand or providing sponsorship

We look forward to speaking with you to engage in a way that generates immediate value for you and helps Ultra build solutions that will serve you long into the future.