Ultra has been awarded the contract to implement UltraResource, a modern and reliable software platform for real-time gate management at Denver International Airport (DIA).

Core functionality provides for planning, optimisation and monitoring of critical airport resources to ensure accurate, timely data for flight arrivals and departures, as well as gate availability, assignments and schedules.

The system will be used by about half of the airlines operating at DIA, enabling more effective and collaborative decision making, particularly during times of adverse weather conditions.

Key benefits to DIA operations, the airlines and passengers include:

  • Substantial and immediate cost savings to airlines operating at DIA, based on industry data that estimates $.69 per flight for every second of departure or arrival delay
  • Sharing of information will minimize the time aircraft spend ‘taxiing’ after landing, making DIA a ‘greener’ airport while improving on-time arrivals and departures
  • Intuitive user administration and better reporting capabilities, allowing automated response to last minute changes of gate assignments
  • Collection of data for more accurate invoicing, event analysis and forecasting of ‘what if scenarios to improve efficiency and operational flexibility for the airport

UltraResource is easily configurable according to user-defined rules that address key operational criteria, such as physical constraints (aircraft type and size), passenger convenience (for connections), marketing considerations and airline/airport preferences.

"Denver International Airport has an objective to be among the most technologically advanced airports in the world," said Ken Greene, deputy manager for airport operations.

"Using the latest in technology for our gate management system allows us to better partner with our airlines for operational excellence."

In future phases, DIA will be able to add additional capabilities for more efficient passenger flow, baggage management and aircraft turnaround times, based on real-time situational awareness, as well as predictive and trending capabilities.

Once operational, the airlines and their passengers will see immediate and measurable benefits at DIA. Thereafter, UltraResource is the foundation for continuous improvements with a flexible, extensible platform that can grow and react as new business needs arise.

For more information, please contact Ultra.