There are any number of conveyor belt fabrication companies that claim to provide replacement belts for Portec curves that are just as good as genuine Portec belts. Don’t believe the hype.

The main attraction of these imitators is low price and one of the truest statements ever crafted in the English language is – ‘you get what you pay for’. With a genuine Portec replacement belt, what you get is a high quality belt guaranteed to fit your equipment and a belt that is manufactured using Portec’s, exclusive, proprietary chain and design geometry.

Portec’s geometry is a lot more important to you than what you took in high school because it’s been specifically engineered to determine the belt radii and circumference that is unique to each Portec model. Those are items that cannot be duplicated by simply laying a Portec belt on a cutting table and copying it.

Portec’s chain and sprocket system provides tighter tolerances than low cost copies and that gives you the longest possible chain life, not to mention proper operation. Low cost replacement belts typically use belting material not properly suited for use on curves. Adding it all up, inferior chain, incorrect belting and improper geometry equal a knock-off belt that will provide significantly shortened belt life as well as likely damage to your unit’s sprockets and guides, not to mention poor performance of your equipment before the belt fails.

What you thought you were saving turns out to be an illusion when you find yourself replacing belts more than twice as often as when using the real thing, genuine Portec replacement belts. You may find genuine Portec belts may not cost as much as you’ve been led to believe.

If you feel you are not receiving the best value possible, contact one of Portec’s friendly, experienced customer service specialists to get a direct-from-the-factory price quote. You may be pleasantly surprised and they’ll also be happy to answer any questions about your Portec equipment.

Portec’s goal is to supply you with equipment that has the lowest, total cost of ownership in the conveyor curve industry. We’ve been doing so for well over fifty years.