In the material handling industry, Portec equipment is known for strength and reliability. Now, it will also be known for quiet operation. Recent testing by Engineering Dynamics of Englewood, Colorado verifies that Portec power belt curves generate sound levels less than a typical conversation.

Portec supplies power belt curves to companies that require a high level of sound control in their working environments, so it was important that Portec independently confirm the sound emissions generated by its curves. Portec curves can be expected to emit less than 65dB(A) while running at 197ft per minute (60m per minute) and less than 70dB(A) while running at 350ft per minute (106m per minute), using declared single-number noise emission values in accordance with IS0 4871.

“I was surprised and encouraged to find that a piece of industrial equipment that can move material at high speeds can be so quiet.” said Stuart McGregor, PE, senior acoustical engineer at EDI. “It was encouraging to work with a manufacturer of industrial equipment that is proactive and is paying attention in the design of their equipment to minimize sound emissions.”

Some common sound pressure levels are:

Whisper 30dB(A)
Normal conversation 60cB to 70dB(A)
Shouting 90dB(A)