Portec introduces a new conveyor curve that changes the face of high speed baggage conveying. The development of ultra high-speed conveying has been limited by the inability of current conveyor curve designs to operate at ultra high speeds. A 3km inter-terminal baggage transfer operating at 2m/s requires 25 minutes to reach the destination terminal. An ultra high speed baggage line operating at 10m/s requires only five minutes to reach the destination terminal. The extra 20 minutes saved in baggage handling time means fewer missed connections.

The Portec redefines the power curve concept to raise speed limits imposed by current belt conveyor designs. The Hyper-Flo utilizes vertical motorized pulleys and pneumatic ball transfers to make ultra high speed conveyor curves possible.

The outside wall of the curve incorporates a series of vertically mounted motorized pulleys. The pulleys use an innovative air-cooled design that does not require gears or oil. As a product enters the curve at speeds over 4m/s, centrifugal force sends the product up against the outside wall of the curve. The Hyper-Flo design recognizes that the natural conveying surface in a high speed curve has changed from the horizontal conveyor slider bed to the vertical side wall and the high speed motorized pulleys propel the product around the curve in a controlled manner.

The horizontal conveying surface of the curve has embedded pneumatic ball transfers that are capable of sustained conveying speeds of over 20m/s. In the case of airport baggage in plastic totes, the ball transfers provide an ultra high speed, low-friction surface. The innovative pneumatic system releases a puff of compressed air when a product passes over the ball transfer. The ball transfer design is both self-sealing and self-cleaning for years of reliable service.

The gearless / oil-less motorized pulley and pneumatic ball transfer are new concepts from Portec that will have a far-reaching impact on the baggage handling and cargo handling industries. Portec has several patents pending for innovations incorporated in the Hyper-Flo Curve.

Portec is a leading supplier of specialty conveyors used in baggage handling conveying systems, such as belt power curves, spiral belt conveyors, spiral chutes, angle merge conveyors, queuing belt conveyors, check-in conveyors, and straight merge conveyors. Portec conveyors start where the straight conveyor ends.