Future Fibre Technologies (FFT), a global leader in the development, manufacturing and installation of fibre-optic intrusion detection systems, has announced the grant of two additional United States patents by the US Patent Office.

The two patents, US Patent numbers 7,499,176 and 7,499,177 protect improvements to the optical fibre-based intrusion detection system that FFT pioneered in the late 1990s and patented in the US and abroad.

Implemented in FFT’s Secure Fence™, Secure Link™ and Secure Pipe™ solutions, the patented technology is important for optimising and maintaining system sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability in a wide range of environmental conditions. Its effectiveness in safeguarding perimeters and critical infrastructures has been demonstrated with over 150 systems installed throughout the world.

“These new US patents add further depth to FFT’s extensive international patent portfolio,” said Rob Broomfield, CEO of FFT.

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) is a global leader in the design and manufacture of fibre-optic sensing technologies. Applications include data communications security, oil and gas pipeline third party interference detection, and fibre-optic perimeter intrusion detection systems for sites such as military bases, airports, petrochemical plants and refineries. Established in 1994, FFT has offices in the USA, Europe and Australia.