CNL Software, a leader in physical security information management (PSIM) software, is pleased to announce that it has completed its integration of IPSecurityCenter PSIM with FFT CAMS (Central Alarms Monitoring System) as part of the security program for a major US refinery.

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) is a leader in fibre optic perimeter security and perimeter intrusion detection for the airport, government, military, defence, oil and gas industries, as well as to a broad range of commercial organisations. The integration of IPSecurityCenter PSIM and FFT CAMSTM, a key component of FFT’s fibre optic security detection and location systems, cements the two companies’ technology partnership under the CNL Software Technology Alliance Program (TAP).

The perimeter is the first and most significant barrier to protecting any facility. Numerous genuine alarm triggers such as authorised personnel, maintenance contractors and security patrols are continuously passed to the control room. A method of quickly aggregating intelligence from all security systems is required to verify and prioritise each incident.

FFT PSP, manager critical infrastructure, Americas, Erick Reynolds said: "One of the biggest hurdles for end users on vast critical infrastructure estates is identifying and verifying nuisance alarms, whilst maintaining maximum sensitivity to intrusion events."

"FFT CAMS integrated with IPSecurityCenter PSIM will offer the refinery comprehensive perimeter alarm information supported by data from other security systems all housed within a robust, flexible and easy to operate PSIM solution."

"This enhanced integration allows IPSecurityCenter to receive sensor, zone, event, GPS and alarming information from FFT’s secure fence fibre-optic perimeter sensing systems onsite, as well as send back isolation and acknowledgement control commands." he added.

"The integration between IPSecurityCenter PSIM and with FFT CAMS is part of a comprehensive situational intelligence solution which will optimise situation planning, training, and response to security situations and life safety emergencies at the refinery plant and tank farm facility", explains Ramon Grado, CPP, director of sales at CNL Software, Americas. "Our work with FFT is key to intelligent management of all perimeter alarms at the facility."