Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) applies its expertise and uses its patented technology to improve perimeter security at facilities around the world, including the perimeters of many military and commercial airports.

Perimeter security is often a challenge at multi-use facilities such as those operated by governments, the military and airports as well as chemical, oil and gas, and power stations, where the size and scale of these infrastructures can make protecting their perimeters particularly costly.

FFT’s flagship product, Secure Fence™, has the lowest total cost of ownership of any perimeter protection system and is a globally proven solution.

Recently, FFT’s credentials were singled out and recognized by one of the world’s most demanding organizations – the US military. FFT was named exclusive provider of fence-mounted perimeter security for the US Military Joint Force Protection Advanced Security System (JFPASS), which is a Department of Defense next-generation war fighter initiative. This is one of the highest possible accolades that can be given to any perimeter protection solution and great recognition for FFT’s Secure Fence.

According to the company’s CEO, Rob Broomfield, this newest recognition is the result of a relentless focus on innovation, sound business management and sustained technological savvy, which has made FFT a world-leading provider of fibre-optic intrusion detection systems.

At its core, the technology works by sending light down the entire length of the fibre optic sensor, and then analyses the behavior of the light to detect intrusions. Easily attached to a fence, the FFT system can readily interface with a broad range of software, including CCTV systems, gates, plus a broad range of external devices and security management systems.

Since its establishment in 1994, FFT has successfully positioned itself to be the technology of choice for large perimeter applications, including airports.

Its continued growth is evidenced by the recent introduction of a new product, Secure Zone™, which is a new configuration of FFT’s proven flagship product, Secure Fence, and is designed to fulfil a need in the market for highly reliable yet cost-effective zone-based intrusion detection solutions.

Like Secure Fence, Secure Zone is equipped with FFT’s patented ARaD technology, which can distinguish between an intrusion attempt and a non-threatening event, such as a hailstorm or a branch blowing against a fence, virtually eliminating nuisance alarms.

The company’s growth is not just limited to the release of new products. It extends to the opening of its fourth regional office in Dubai, alongside offices in the UK, the US and Australia. The Dubai office will service FFT’s growing activity in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).

Dr Jim Katsifolis, FFT’s chief technology officer, says his company is committed to an extensive and on-going R&D program to continue to respond to customers’ needs.

“We are focused on not only enhancing the performance of our intrusion detection products but to increase our products’ usability, versatility and capabilities by interfacing them with as broad a range of systems and technologies as possible,” he stated. “We are continually enhancing and improving our systems to meet real-world customer needs. It’s a constant process of listening to our customers’ needs and working to meet them.”

As an example, the company’s multilingual FFT CAMS™, which delivers an intuitive and easy to understand alarm interface to security staff in their local language, is now available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish and Japanese.