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Entry Point North is one of the largest global ATS academies. The premier training solutions we offer our clients are carried out in accordance with Best Practice and all international rules and standards including ICAO and European Commission. Entry Point North was the first ATS academy accredited under the European Commission's directives towards the vision of the Single European Sky by 2020.

Training services for aviation industry personnel

Entry Point North is a total training solution provider. We offer a wide portfolio of training and services to aspiring and operational air traffic controllers, air traffic service officers, air traffic safety electronics, administrative and other aviation-related personnel. Training is delivered at our modern facilities in Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, Denmark and at client sites.

At Entry Point North, we strive to be the most trustworthy partner in delivering premium training. We work closely with our clients to build long-term partnerships aimed at fulfilling all their requirements. Our clients are regional and international, public and private air navigation service providers, airports, airlines as well as military organisations. The services are delivered throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

International courses for airport employees

Entry Point North is offering training at its modern facilities in Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, Denmark and at various sites around Europe through its training partners. We also provide training at client site upon a request. Entry Point North's academies are certified by national regulators as recognised providers of initial, continuation and development training.

Our multinational staff - ATCOs, AFISOs, pilots, briefing officers, teachers, administrators, selection specialists and ATCO assistants - originate from 19 countries, creating a truly global environment. All courses at our international sites are held in English.

State-of-the-art training simulators

Entry Point North uses state-of-the-art BEST software simulators from the UK-based company MicroNav and COOPANS simulators. The training positions are flexible and can be grouped or ungrouped quickly as needed to run exercises in standalone or suite mode (executive and planner), groups (for example, the various ACC positions) or full 'control centre' configuration, depending on the training requirements.

The academy has more than 230 new radar / pilot simulator training positions, two 360° and thirteen 180° 3D state-of-the-art simulators. Entry Point North's academies in Sweden, Ireland and Hungary are certified training organisations by its national regulators in accordance with the Commission Regulation (EU) No 2015/340.

Training courses and services

Every year,more than 3,300 students and professionals join aviation-related courses at our three modern training sites and at our customer premises. Entry Point North provides comprehensive training solutions for clients.

We offer high-quality selection and recruitment services, as well as initial, unit, continuation and development training programmes, including:

  • ATC training
  • ATS and FIS training
  • Meteorological training
  • ATSEP training
  • Safety training
  • Train The Trainer
  • ATM-related training
  • Language training
  • Selection and recruitment services
  • Simulator services
  • Other training and consultancy services

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Entry Point North AB
Flygledningsvägen 2
SE - 23032
Malmö-Sturup Airport
PO Box 30
+46 40 694 4300
+46 40 694 4399

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Invitation to Entry Point North's Continuation Training Seminar 12 May 2017 This white paper provides information about Entry Point North's Continuation Training Seminar in Malmö, Sweden, taking place from 25-26 October.


ATSEP - the Latest Training Demand in Aviation 06 March 2013 For a few years now, the focus for training air traffic safety electronics personnel, commonly known as ATSEP, has been steadily increasing. This focus has just recently led to international training specifications and standards that bring ATSEP even closer to pilots and air traffic controllers in regards to compulsory training requirements for safety critical organisations.

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