SAGA MOBILISATION is designed to transmit voice messages and text at airports.

The transmission of mobilisation alarms is becoming an ever-increasing requirement.

SAGA MOBILISATION manages the transmission of voice messages such as telephone and radio, as well as text, including SMS and pagers.

It is easy to use by selecting predefined groups or individuals to alarm, and choose a pre-recorded message. Calls will be made according to the available communication lines, parallel or sequential. A speech to text module is available.

SAGA MOBILISATION is multilingual. Translations and adaptations can be carried out directly on the screen in the application. They are protected by password. SAGA MOBILISATION can be used independently or integrated into SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL.

The procedure as each alarm is triggered is a display in the flow that includes:

  • A global vision of the mobilisations sent
  • Modes of transmission used
  • Number of unanswered alarms
  • Number of callbacks on the voice server
  • Number of positive and negative responses
  • Details of each call and answer
  • State of the transmission means