SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL is a programme for incident management that can be used across airports.

It is suitable for all sizes of user organisation and customisable with a modular user interface. SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL can be used centrally, on a national basis, or locally for regional or municipal power plants.

The programme is multiservice and meets the needs of police, fire and ambulance services on the same shelf or in the same network.

SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL has a policing module coupled with SAGA MOBILE smartphones and tablets mobile terminals that allows operational and situational conduct in the field.

SAGA MOBILE optionally not only allows to visualise the positioning of the various resources, but to assign them missions, transmit the details of the intervention, direct to the place of the event, and transmit and visualise the status.

The SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL application server supports up to several thousand workstations simultaneously, Smart Client or WEB.

The application server is software-fault-tolerant and the databases are redundant. The set offers a high degree of reliability.

SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL is multilingual. All languages with Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese alphabets are supported. Operators can switch from one language to another by simply clicking an icon.