SAGA CRISIS is designed for managing small, medium or large scale incidents at airports.

The solution is divided into a crisis simulation and preparation stage, followed by the crisis management phase.

The crisis simulation and preparation phase is a multimedia time scale driven module. These send stimuli of any kind, including video, radio, fax, mail. The managers of the crisis make the necessary decisions, and the simulation is then recorded to serve as a reference procedure.

SAGA CRISIS is based on a handrail module, associated with a cartography bidirectional and document management. Tactical situations drawn on mapping and documents can be shared in real time with all stakeholders, depending on their profile.

SAGA CRISIS is available as a smart client fixed workstation, an internet workstation, and in mobiles, smartphones and tablets. Windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems are supported for mobile applications. All workstation types have the same user interface.