SAGA MOBILE is a solution designed for crisis management on smartphones and tablets.

It is specially developed for use in applications such as emergency services.

SAGA MOBILE is a solution integrated to SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL and SAGA CRISIS. It not only allows to view the position of resources, but their assigned missions, transmit intervention details, guide them to the incident location, transmit and display status.

It is compatible on the latest generation of mobile devices using Windows, iOS, Android of Blackberry operating services.

SAGA MOBILE provides optimised messages to minimise operating costs, as well as GIS locating resources and events.

The solution features a field decision process and an intelligent transmission mode based on distance or time intervals.

It enables easy registration of journeys made with bidirectional photo and video transfer, as well as sharing of tactical situations on GIS.

SAGA MOBILE has a function monitoring and fault detection and a centralised automated and simple terminal update.