Computer-Integrated zNose® 4650

zNose® 4650 Brochure

The fully computer-integrated zNose® offers ultra-fast analysis and is ultra-flexible.

Only mobile, small footprint analyser on the market that can detect and analyse accurately organic, biological and chemical compounds in real-time.

Model 4650 is the first and only analyser with a fully integrated computer to do all your analysis in the field without the need for an external laptop computer. It has impressive speed and is a small footprint analyzer that uses a built-in processor to guide the user.

As it is portable and can analyse in real-time, it significantly reduces product changeover time to a fraction of what they are now.

zNose employs best in class ultra-fast gas chromatography and surface acoustic wave technologies. Its application involves a simple three-step procedure that quantifies any type of odour within a minute with accuracy, precision and speed.

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