Calkit LED

CALKIT LED is a versatile, battery-powered runway lighting system specifically designed for airport or airfield use. It will meet all relevant international standards including FAA, ICAO and CAA relating to portable primary, supplementary, emergency or obstruction lighting and is suitable for use with both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The road going trailer can charge up to 66 portable lights from the Metalite LED range and also has additional storage compartments for ancillary items such as base plates.


  • 66 light units can be stored and charged
  • Simple, drop-in charging
  • Fast recharge times
  • Rapid deployment of lighting for runways up to 2,700m runway (apprx. 20 minutes)
  • Road going trailer
  • Additional storage compartments


  • Portable lighting for remote airstrips where main lighting is not available
  • To provide lighting on alternate runways or emergency landing areas
  • To supplement the main lighting system in the event of partial or temporary failure
  • As the main lighting system on airfields with no permanent lighting
  • To mark temporary taxiway and manoeuvring areas by day and night
  • To show the limits of obstructions and areas under repair by day and by night
  • Deployable lighting for both fixed and rotary wing landing areas
  • Humanitarian aid missions