Metalite Aviation, a trading division of Aeronautical & General Instruments Limited, is delighted to announce the award of Patent 2488598 for its Portable and fixed PAPI LED Aviation Approach light system. Launched in 2011, the system features super-efficient light engine technologies, which help provide extraordinary run times compared to competitive battery-powered PAPI systems.

The PAPI LED is available in several configurations in either fixed or portable versions with the ability to be powered by various power sources such as mains, battery, solar, generator or fuel cell for example. The output from the design of the LED Light Engine provides a clear distinction between red and white light sources which overcomes the ‘pink’ effect that plagues halogen systems at certain approach angles. This is a clear benefit for pilots using the new system which is compliant with both FAA and ICAO standards providing light output up to 30,000 Candela white and 15,000 Candela red.

Speaking of the award, Metalite Manager Briant Hunt said: "This is a significant Patent for us as we have some groundbreaking technologies built into our PAPI LED systems and it is imperative that we protect the amount of research and development we invested into its super-efficient design. Since its launch the system has been shipping to some extreme environments for both military and civilian applications such as tropical, high humidity environments to the extreme cold and freezing conditions of the Antarctic, improving safety for pilots at these locations around the world."