Having finalised the development of Metalite’s exciting new range of LED Portable Airfield Lighting solutions for applications in both the civilian and military markets, Metalite have now updated its website with new images, data sheets and video of its latest suite of products. Included in the recently revamped website is MOSKIT LED AT, the new all terrain LED version of the hugely popular MOSKIT, which has been in operational service with military users worldwide and in all theatres of operation since the early 1990s.

The MOSKIT LED AT has been purposely designed around a modular philosophy; this allows the trailer and the mission load to be separated, allowing the core equipment to be transported without the trailer if required or for the system to be supplied without a trailer as a container based modular system.

Other Mission Loads include the SALKIT LED AT which as standard contains supplementary lighting and generators and the CABKIT LED AT which contains a cable deployment system enabling it to be deployed for semi-permanent use. All mission loads are configurable to allow the best fit for the customer, further details on this may be obtained from the Metalite Sales department.

Business Unit Manager Brian Hunt explains: "The new military designs have been massively improved from the original halogen MOSKIT with ease of use, efficiency and reduced management at the forefront of the specification. Deployment of the new MOSKIT LED AT has been simplified significantly with features such as an All Terrain Chassis for faster towing both on and off-road.

"Rapid drop in charging for lamps dramatically reduces the time taken to connect and disconnect the lamps from the trailer’s charging system and the number of PAPI boxes has been reduced from six units to two by combining Vis and IR capabilities into a single unit. The New PAPI LED is capable of providing ICAO/FAA light output levels for sustained periods from a single battery charge and can also be powered from renewable energy sources such as solar.

"All of these improvements ultimately assist the personnel on the ground to be more efficient. This is an extremely effective solution for both Expeditionary and Sustained Airfield Lighting deployments."

The refreshed website can be viewed at www.metaliteaviation.com.