Calkit LED

Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd business unit Metalite Aviation Lighting is launching a brand new static version of the world renowned CALKIT LED, the CALKIT LED Quadcon. The system addresses the need for customers that require portable airfield lighting, but do not need a dedicated trailer to mobilise the lights around the airfield or via road.

Metalite sales manager Rob White said: "Following the huge success of our CALKIT LED, we saw an area of the market that still required portable lighting, but without a need for the trailer. The system provides up to 192 runway lights as opposed to the CALKIT LED’s maximum of 66, which caters for a much larger area or more complex configuration of lighting requirements.

"The QUADCON is an ideal solution for airport contractors who require lighting for certain timescales, then can simply pack up the lights and store them or ship them on to the next project location providing huge cost savings on renting lights or installing temporary mains powered lighting.

"Another benefit is that due to the rugged, weatherproof nature of the QUADCON steel container, packing charges are removed from the overall price of the system as it can ship by sea or air in its native state."

The standard CALKIT LED Quadcon comprises of storage nests for 192 lights (capacity may alter depending on configuration option taken) and six drawers for the storage of accessories such as base plates, pegs or cables. For additional security the container can be locked. Alternative configurations are available allowing storage and charging of either an abbreviated or full PAPI LED system, please contact your Metalite representative to discuss these options. For further information on the Metalite product range please visit our profile.