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Searidge Technologies

Collaborative Airport Surface Management Solutions

Searidge Technologies provides intelligent video solutions to air navigation service providers and airports to help them cost-effectively increase safety and efficiency of surface management operations.

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K2G 5W6 Ontario,

Searidge Technologies provides intelligent video solutions to air navigation service providers and airports to help them cost-effectively increase safety and efficiency of surface management operations.

IntelliDAR™, the company’s intelligent video platform, is a robust non-cooperative surveillance system (NCSS) and the first operational system of its kind in an air traffic control tower to provide detection, positioning and tracking of all targets on an airport surface. Searidge helps its customers with ATC-grade video, gap filling/A-SMGCS augmentation, apron management and remote tower capabilities.

Intelligent video platform for airport surface management

The Searidge intelligent video platform, IntelliDAR™, is a state-of-the art airport surface management system. The system processes video from a series of video sensors networked together to provide real-time geospatial positioning of all targets in a given area.

The video captured by the cameras is then processed using advanced computer vision algorithms in order to provide non-cooperative target detection, continuous tracking, geospatial positioning and a variety of target attributes. Like all Searidge products, IntelliDAR provides standard, open interfaces and can be integrated into an existing airport-ANSP system configuration.

IntelliDAR has been used for many applications, including low-cost ground surveillance (LCGS); apron management and on/off block reporting for billing automation; A-SMGCS and ASDE-X gap filling (non-movement area surveillance); distant runway monitoring ; line-of-sight tower blind spot visibility; remote towers (virtual or contingency tower); airport operations centres; and runway lighting automation.

IntelliDAR offers the following features and benefits:

  • Real-time target positioning: situational awareness for increased safety
  • ASTERIX compliant output: ease of integration with existing systems
  • Coverage in low-vis ops: continuity of operations
  • Modular design: scalable to grow with airport needs
  • Versatile display options: tailored for local requirements
  • Redundant architecture: proven reliability for ATC and airport use
  • Video thumbnails of traffic: visually confirm and validate targets of interest

ATC grade video for improved tower line-of-sight

The Searidge ATC-grade video (ATC-GV) system uses advanced video processing technology to intuitively consolidate multiple camera scenes into a simulated single out-of-the-window view of the area of interest. Full visual confirmation of the situation helps controllers effectively manage the ground traffic with a high degree of confidence. The system also provides several safety and reliability features.

ATC-grade video has been used for many applications including ATC tower blind-spot visibility; hot-spot and runway incursion monitoring; monitoring de-icing and parking areas; real-time gate assignment decision support; monitoring cargo areas; contingency towers; and airport operations centres.

ATC-grade video offers the following features and benefits:

  • Video stitching
  • Real-time video validation
  • High frame-rate
  • Redundant architecture
  • Archiving
  • Video diagnostics
  • Remote maintenance
  • All-weather performance
  • Consolidate multiple views – fewer screens
  • Safe, valid, reliable data presented to operator
  • Live view of surveillance area
  • ATC standard system up-time
  • Incident review
  • Real-time system health and error alerts
  • Quickly diagnose and resolve issues
  • Continuous day / night operation

Remote tower services for airport monitoring and control

Searidge’s remote tower solutions are scalable and customisable options for providing airport control services from geographically independent locations. Using the Searidge Technologies’ real-time intelligent video platform, IntelliDAR, combined with NAVCANatm’s fully integrated suite of air traffic management tools, is your go-to system for a safer, more flexible and economical all-in-one remote tower solution.

Our remote tower solutions are designed to address the unique requirements of an airport operations, layout, traffic levels and weather conditions by offering many benefits:

  • Improved levels of air traffic service at a lower costs
  • Improved situational awareness in low-visibility conditions
  • A centralised, more streamlined service for multiple remote airfields
  • Alternatives to new construction due to line-of-sight limitations
  • Reduced capital expenditure requirements on new towers (build at a lower height)
  • Greater staffing flexibility for existing towers
  • Flexibility for planning and growth at larger airports
  • Making more efficient use of human and capital resources.

Strategic consulting

Searidge Professional Services specialises in the design, analysis, testing and integration of a variety of digital video acquisition systems and image processing techniques in support of complex air traffic control and airport operations functions. We offer a variety of services including remote tower feasibility studies; video system consultation / engineering and ATC surveillance expansion / gap fill consultation.

About Searidge Technologies

Working with industry leaders such as DFS, FAA, EUROCONTROL and NAV CANADA, Searidge solutions are installed in sites throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America. Founded in 2001, Searidge is a privately held company based in Canada’s Capital region.

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