Self-Service Solutions a Must-Have for Modern Airports - Airport Technology
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Self-Service Solutions a Must-Have for Modern Airports

Self-service options have become increasingly common in the modern self-service industry. Multiple reasons contribute to this trend among those the reduction of operating costs but also the greater efficiency and increased convenience for the customers.

At the airport, self-service kiosks and counters are part of the entire passenger journey. By using self-service stations, airlines speed up formalities for travellers and enhance their capacities to provide a better passenger service. Therefore, they are well-prepared for the continuing increase in passenger figures.

DESKO’s PENTA Scanner Cube is a full-page scanner that provides a highly functional solution for the integration into self-service installations. Its specific housing set-up allows efficient and flexible mounting in check-in, bag drop, self-boarding or automated border clearance (ABC) kiosks. Based on the well-established PENTA technology, the PENTA Scanner Cube captures and verifies full details from ID cards, passports, visas and boarding passes. An efficient OCR reader captures data from the machine-readable zone while a high-performance barcode engine supports the reading of barcodes from paper and electronic boarding passes.

Self-service solutions need to be intuitive to handle and solidly constructed. Therefore, the PENTA Scanner Cube includes an extra-large scratch and break-resistant scan window that guarantees precise read results wherever the document is placed. In addition, the entire device is water and dust-resistant. These characteristics reduce repair costs, eliminate lengthy downtimes and ensure a long working life.

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