From pure data collection to full document authentication: the versatile DESKO PENTA platform comprises numerous versions of the PENTA Scanner tailored for various fields of application at the airport, such as check-in, security checks, lounge access control, passenger flow control and boarding.

The PENTA platform includes the PENTA Scanner CKI for check-in applications and the PENTA Scanner BGR, a high-class boarding gate reader with a multi-colour touch display for clear user feedback. Both devices read data from passports, ID cards and magnetic stripe cards such as frequent traveller cards. By default equipped with an efficient barcode reader, they reliably capture barcode data from paper and electronic boarding passes presented on the display of a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

For self-service applications, DESKO also provides the PENTA Scanner ID Terminal, an all-in-one standalone solution with a large multi-colour touch display for user guidance and two LEDs on each side for immediate user feedback.
The PENTA Scanner Cube series includes the well-proven PENTA technology in an optimised design. With a flat and compact housing, the devices are perfect for an easy integration into small kiosks, narrow counters and self-boarding gates.

All PENTA Scanners are by default equipped with a highly efficient OCR reading technology for data capture from ID documents. In addition, they can be upgraded with a barcode scanner, an RFID / NFC module for biometric passport reading, a chip card reader and a large multi-colour touch display.

An optional WLAN module and battery pack allow for an independent usage without a stationary PC or external power supply. With this variety of features, the PENTA platform is outstanding to traditional full-page scanners and ensures a future-proof infrastructure for new demands.