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LED Airfield Ground Lighting and Power Solutions

OCEM has supplied airfield ground lighting (AGL) and power systems for airports since the early days of the aviation industry.

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OCEM has supplied airfield ground lighting (AGL) and power systems for airports since the early days of the aviation industry.

OCEM’s presence in the international market has refined and shaped the company’s values, as well as its mission to meet the requirements of standardisation agencies and demanding operators worldwide.

Transition of lighting systems from halogen to LED at airports

OCEM has been one of the leading innovators in the transition from halogen to LED technology since the early 2000s. It has helped customers develop business models to smoothly plan and prepare the transition to LED.

LED systems allow for a substantial reduction in operating costs due to their long life, low maintenance costs and extremely low-energy consumption, coupled with proven brightness and safety.

Clear lighting for airfield approach areas

LED intensity and their clear, bright colours ensure a better view of airfield approach areas, even in poor weather conditions. This additional clarity allows pilots to easily identify the landing runway.

Energy-efficient runway lighting with minimal maintenance

Safety is notably increased by the intensity and colour-clarity of LED lighting. Moreover, the lights’ limited protrusion makes them highly-suited for runway zones, reducing abrasions and noise caused by aircraft transit.

Maintenance required to fix damages and malfunctions is also minimised.

Taxiway lighting for extreme temperatures

Taxiway lighting is available in different combinations of colours, guaranteeing low maintenance costs. An additional ‘Arctic-Kit’ with internal heating is available on request, in order to guarantee an optimal view in freezing temperatures.

Low-cost airfield lighting and energy

LED systems are easy-to-monitor, with functions checked direct from control towers.

In new installations, the use of LED lighting involves lower loads for constant current regulators (CCRs) and low-power transformers, which results in significant operating cost reduction for the entire facility.

Visual aids and electronic systems for all areas of the airfield

OCEM produces all kinds of visual aids, as well as electronic systems required for their power, control and monitoring, including:

  • A full range of in-pavement and elevated lighting for approach, runway, taxiway and guidance signs, equipped with both traditional and LED light sources
  • In-pavement and elevated lights for heliports, equipped with traditional and LED light sources,
  • Single and three-phase constant current regulators, and a circuit selector for series circuits
  • The latest technological solutions to control and monitor circuits and single lights, with advanced systems to control and protect runways and manage air traffic safety

About OCEM

OCEM is a multinational, and highly cooperative partner in the aviation industry, constantly evolving to suit the changing industry environment.

OCEM is part of Aretè & Cocchi Technology industrial holding, forming a team of excellence in the airfield market, with Augier (France), and Multi-Electric (US).


AGLC represents the software application package proposed by OCEM as the airport lighting control and monitoring system. AGL allows to manage from regional through international hubs airports, thanks to its modular and scalable design.


The new LED elevated approach signal LERA by OCEM Airfield Technology has all the features the market could ask for in approach lighting.


The new LED Inset Runway Guard Light, LITG by OCEM Airfield Technology has all the features the market could ask for runway guard light.

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