As airport traffic continues densifying, EJ delivers solutions that bring reliability and efficiency to airport operations.

At Inter Airport Europe, EJ will present a variety of its products and services.

Showcasing the latest safety feature of the Hinged Hatch

Particularly well adapted to high traffic areas, this extra heavy-duty assisted cover has been designed to guarantee easy operation, as well as high levels of safety.

Its mechanical spring strut allows quick operation by a single person (less than 25kg lifting effort), its safety bar maintains the cover open, and its FOD compliance ensures traffic safety.

It offers multiple options such as watertightness, cableway out, custom badging, various locking systems, specific coating, safety grids and ramps.

As the great versatility and safety features of the Hinged Hatch have been key factors for its success with many of the most frequented airports in the world, EJ keeps adapting the product to meet the highest safety requirements of its clients.

At Inter Airport Europe, EJ invites you to test its new optional emergency exit handle, which guarantees a quick opening of the cover from the inside.

VR film: a 360° visit to one of Europe’s largest foundries

Equipped with a virtual reality helmet, EJ invites you to visit its French factory, a playful and dynamic way to get acquainted with the foundry industry.

With 42 hectares, 750 people and more than 70,000 tonnes of cast iron produced each year, the site of EJ, based in the Oise region (North of Paris), is amongst the largest foundries in Europe.