Ink Innovation, a leading technology provider in the aviation industry, will present its new business division within the Ink ecosystem, Ink+, at the upcoming Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam on 14-16 March 2023. 

While technology is important, there are process-related changes that companies need to make first in order to benefit from it. Ink+ comprised of worldwide experts in key industries such as transportation, smart cities, hospitality, travel and tourism, and will offer insights for navigating disruptions in the aviation industry. Ink’s leadership team will lead discussions on airport process transformation and share its expertise on improving business relationships and creating a digital roadmap. 

Ink Innovation leader and chairman of the advisory board Javed Malik expressed his opinion, stating, “As digital technologies become more prominent, it’s crucial to assess their suitability for your infrastructure and goals. Riding the coattails of industry trends may not always be the best approach. Exploring alternative revenue streams and funding options for your digital roadmap can lead to a more sustainable approach to technological advancements. These are the types of insights the Ink+ leadership shares to initiate productive conversations.

To book a meeting with Ink leaders and ask about Ink+ services, attendees can visit booth 1535 at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam on March 14-16.

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