GrayMatter’s Car Park Revenue Management (CPRM) has been successfully implemented at Swedavia.

The system serves Stockholm and Goteborg Airports with around 15,000 slots across 17 parks and 7,000 slots across seven parks respectively.

GrayMatter’s CPRM is a machine-learning based solution that forecasts car park occupancy and optimises car park slot prices with the objective of maximising car park revenues.

Swediavia Senior Projects Manager Mr Dejan Inic said: “It was a good experience working with the GrayMatter team through the engagement. With this system in place, we look forward to much improved pricing decisions”

Swedavia AB Head of Parking, Parking and Entry Ms Vita Andrews stated: “We are happy to have implemented this dynamic pricing system; this would accrue significant revenue gains to Swedavia.”

GrayMatter CEO Mr Vikas Gupta said: “CPRM is a solution built on latest technologies that delivers stellar value to car park operators. I am glad to see this going live at Swedavia Airports.”