AA+ Rolled Out Across Winnipeg Airports Authority - Airport Technology
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AA+ Rolled Out Across Winnipeg Airports Authority

GrayMatter has installed its Airports Analytics (AA+) Sky Edge solution throughout the Winnipeg Airports Authority in Winnipeg, Canada.

AA+ forms part of GrayMatter’s enterprise-wide analytics suite. It provides air route analytics to aid in the identification of new opportunities, underperforming routes, overall route performance and competitive airport benchmarking, among other features.

GrayMatter created the solution with the input of Winnipeg Airports Authority vice-president of aviation marketing Scott Marohn. It uses baggage source messages (BSM) to analyse routes and establish the final destinations of passengers.

Marohn said: “It has been exciting to work with GrayMatter to develop a practical solution that delivers on the needs of airports and air service development teams.”

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