MEP’s range of user and audio interface systems, and the CMSpro control system offer connectivity for air traffic control security.

User Interface Avatar

Our systems should respond directly in emergency situations. However, operators should also understand the use of the systems immediately. Therefore our user interface has been designed by certified human factors specialists of vhp human performance to ensure safe and quick operation.

The new name of our new user interface is Avatar, and it fits optimally with the environment that it is used in. A user-friendly operating system is key in situations such as busy traffic on waterways and vessels or in air traffic, where safety is crucial.

The layout of buttons, use of colours and the navigation of the user interface is designed for fast operation and a minimum risk of mistakes. The design of our systems is to conform the standards and guidelines concerning user interfaces.

Audio Interface TCU990

The external audio interface TCU990 can be connected to all our consoles.

It exists of a speaker, two volume controls and handset with integrated PTT and a separate PTT touch button. The TCU990 can be used on the desk or built in.

Control System CMSpro

The TCS990 switch can be easily managed and controlled via our CMSpro tool (Control and Monitoring System). CMSpro is a web server application for Linux and Windows (XP, 7 and 10).

Several users can have access to different authorisation levels. All of our products can be configured and managed from this user-friendly system. Even radio equipment from other brands can be added. Service and upgrades are managed remotely through a VPN connection.

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