On the 6 November, MEP signed a contract in Taipei, Taiwan, with Chunghwa Telecom for the tender of the Taiwan Airforce for an island-wide implementation.

MEP and Chunghwa Telecom have worked intensively over recent years on this project. MEP is proud to be able to set another important step in its growth strategy in Asia.

Mr Werner van Eck, CEO of MEP, declares: “Over recent years MEP is recognised more and more as an important player in the field of voice communication systems. Our customers appreciate not only the performance of our system, but also it’s flexibility and scalability. This, together with our commitment to set the customer always in the centre of what we do, makes us the preferred choice for many airports.”

MEP systems are 100% developed, assembled and tested in the Netherlands. This enables complete control over both the hardware and software of the system.

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