9900 Wireless Communication Systems

David Clark Series 9900 Wireless Headset Communication Systems provide maximum mobility allowing maintenance technicians the freedom to move about, without being tethered to the aircraft or related equipment during maintenance operations. The ability to communicate effectively in this high noise environment not only increases safety, but also overall maintenance technician productivity.

David Clark products are designed and built to the highest quality standards for rugged yet comfortable long-term use and reliable performance.

Recommended system components for maintenance applications include noise attenuating headsets, a VOX model belt station, wireless gateway and a battery charging unit.

Headset Model H9910

Features include:

  • Dual-ear, over-the-head style, provides maximum comfort and features a microphone shield with snap/strap assembly for clear, hands-free communication in extreme high-noise environments.
  • Snap/strap assemblies secure the shielded microphone to user’s mouth for hands-free communication
  • Rugged construction, marine-grade stainless steel hardware
  • Dynamic earphones with stainless steel retainers
  • M87-type noise-canceling microphone, immersion-proof, mounted in noise-attenuating microphone shield with PTT override
  • Dual volume controls on domes for preferred listening level
  • Undercut, comfort-gel ear seals with a four-chamber, air-flow pillow headpad
  • Certified noise reduction rating: 26dB

Wireless Gateway Model U9920-GPB

Designed specifically for integration with aircraft interphone systems, the product acts as a relay for all intercom audio between multiple wireless belt station/headset users and the aircraft cockpit.

Features include:

  • Internal antenna provides range of up to 300 feet from Gateway
  • Attach to aircraft via 360-degree rotational clip or nylon hook/lanyard ‘REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT’ banner included
  • Military grade twist-lock connector mates to aircraft interphone cords.
  • Accommodates up to four wireless users per Gateway
  • U9910-BSW or U9912-BSW user presses PTT to talk to flight deck via Gateway; both heard by all other wireless users on system
  • Multiple independent gateways operate in same RF vicinity with no cross-talk
  • Listen level control for regulating volume of flight deck intercom transmissions
  • Close-proximity link via PTT button, LED indicator for visual status of communication link and PTT status
  • Rubberized outer skin, high-visibility orange
  • Li-Polymer battery (24 hours continual usage), easily removed for charging (3-4 hours)
  • EU version available {U9920-GPB(EU)}

Belt Station/VOX Model U9910-BSW

Transmits and receives all system audio, to and from the Gateway and user’s headset.

Features include:

  • Hands-free, full duplex intercom via system Gateway
  • Range of up to 300 feet (line-of-sight) to and from the Gateway
  • Once linked to a Gateway, automatically reconnects on each power-up until purged from system (‘strong link’)
  • Up to four belt stations can be connected to the system Gateway
  • Marine-grade, water-tight enclosure and components
  • Audible voice prompts for link/purge status, out-of-range, low battery
  • Easily accessible battery compartment with removable Li-Polymer battery
  • Removable Li-Polymer battery (24 hours continual usage) for charging (3-4 hours)
  • VOX control with proprietary ‘helper’ tone; assists in ideal VOX setting
  • Large PTT for link, radio PTT, VOX override
  • Power button with LED indicator for visual status of link, PTT and battery charge
  • Military-grade, twist-lock headset connector
  • Rubberized outer skin, black
  • 360-degree rotational belt clip
  • EU version available (U9910-BSW)

Battery, Part Number 40688G-90

Features include:

  • Li-Polymer battery pack
  • 3.7V nominal voltage
  • 2260mAh nominal capacity
  • Used with all Belt Stations and Push-Back Gateway
  • Operates for 24 hours continual usage between charges
  • Charges from fully depleted state in 3-4 hours with A99-14CRG battery chargers
  • Internal thermistor allows charger to constantly monitor battery temperature to ensure safe and proper charging

Battery Charging Unit, A99-14CRG

Features include:

  • Provides charge for up to four Li-Polymer 3.7V batteries, universal for all Series 9900 Wireless battery-powered modules
  • 3-4 hour charge cycle provides full charge to depleted batteries, lasting over 24 operational hours between charges
  • DC input range; accepts between 5 to 15VDC
  • Individual multi-color LED indicators (four each) provide visual status of charge state
  • Power supply cord kits (sold separately) available for 110VAC, 230VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC power sources
  • Includes permanent and portable mounting options via mounting brackets and/or rubber feet

For more information, please contact David Clark.