New website for airline or aiport ground support communications

David Clark Company has launched a new website highlighting its products and systems for ramp and maintenance communications.

The site provides complete descriptions and technical information on the company’s noise-attenuating headsets, in addition to components for wired and wireless communication systems.

Headsets include models designed for pushback, deicing and general ramp operations and maintenance, as well as wireless headsets in a variety of styles, including over-the-head dual ear, single ear and noise-shielded microphone models. All David Clark Company noise-attenuating headsets are designed for rugged durability and long-term comfort.

The new website also features complete information for David Clark Company wired and wireless systems designed for specific ground support applications, including the Series 3800 wired de-icing system, as well as the wireless Series 9900 pushback and de-icing systems. Sample configurations for all systems are also provided for reference.

David Clark Company also provides a complete line of hearing protectors and a wide variety of headsets designed for use with portable two-way radios that are ideal for general ramp communications. All models and technical information are detailed on the website.

For complete information on products and systems for ground support operations, please contact David Clark Company or visit the website at

For more information, please contact David Clark Company or visit the website.