David Clark Headphones

David Clark Company’s Series 9900 wireless ground-support products ensure clear, precise communications between the tug operator, cockpit personnel and wing walkers during push-back operations.

The safety of all working in the ramp area during ground support operations is priority number one. That’s why major airlines around the world rely on our wireless communication solutions to assist them in reducing injury to workers on the ramp as well as costly damage to aircraft.

David Clark Company Series 9900 wireless systems also enable ramp personnel to work more effectively and efficiently, minimising delays due to miscommunication and contributing to the on-time departure of aircraft to enhance overall airline and airport operations.

A variety of headset styles are available to be used with belt stations, a push-back gateway and rechargeable battery station. The 9900 wireless system also includes a hands-free full duplex intercom with DECT-based technology, secure signaling to prevent unwanted interception, up to four users per gateway with expanded capabilities and a range of up to 300ft (approximately 100m) from the gateway which is plugged into the aircraft intercom system.

The typical headset for push-back operations is the H9930, over-the-head style model with microphone and hybrid flex boom assembly. The H9930 features dynamic earphones with stainless steel retainers and an immersion-proof M87-type noise-canceling microphone for clear communication and transmission. Outstanding comfort features include undercut, comfort-gel ear seals and a four-chamber, air-flow pillow head pad. The headset also provides hearing protection with a certified noise reduction rating of 23dB.

Belt stations transmit and receive audio to and from the gateway and user’s headset, while eliminating extraneous noise from critical communications. There are three belt station options available for push-back operations dependent on the application.

The model U9910-BSW Belt station provides hands-free, full-duplex, voice-activated (VOX), intercom communication to facilitate communication between tug operators and wing walkers. The model U9912-BSW Belt Station is perfect for tug operators working alone (no wing walkers) and provides full-duplex (non-VOX) intercom communication, eliminates hot-microphone function. The model U9913-BSW Belt Station is ideal for wing walkers and ramp agents. This model allows no PTT transmit capability outside the intercom (for example radio and flight deck).

push-back wireless communication systems also include the model U9920-GPB Gateway which functions as a relay that provides seamless integration of audio between multiple wireless belt station and headset users and aircraft interphone systems for pilot to ground communications. The U9920-GPB features DECT-based technology for secure signaling and prevents unwanted ‘cross talk’. The gateway will accommodate up to four users simultaneously connected with audio. A high-visibility, orange skin (oil, water and UV resistant) also provides add impact protection. Marine-grade, water-tight, impact-resistant enclosure ensures rugged durability and reliability. The U9920-GPB requires aircraft interface cord, and EU versions are also available.

The Series 9900 system is powered by Li-Polymer batteries located in the belt stations. The model A99-04CRG Charging Station accommodates four each Li-Polymer batteries with LED indicators for individual charge status. Batteries can be fully charged in three to four hours and provide up to 24 hours of continuous use when fully charged. It should be noted that chargers are not sealed units and are not intended for installation in wet or corrosive environments.

For many years major airlines around the world have used and relied upon David Clark Company ground support equipment for their communication and safety needs. We are dedicated to the development of products calling for unsurpassed excellence in quality, design and performance in the future.

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